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Pursuit of Excellence

Bishop Darrell L. Hines is a man of vision, purpose, prayer and a pursuant of excellence in ministry! His primary mission is to fulfill the call of God on his life by proclaiming God's uncompromising Word. He is committed to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to people of every ethnicity, nation, and culture. His purpose: "To tell a dying world about a living Christ!"

Bishop Hines has appeared on Christian programming such as CBN, The Word Network, TBN and This Is Your Day with Benny Hinn. He has appeared courtesy of Christian Faith Fellowship Church, on scheduled services on Streaming Faith, which reaches more than one billion homes around the world. He is widely recognized for his cutting-edge preaching. His message of salvation and hope is heard through the mediums of radio, television, and Internet. Though he is known to render a selection before he preaches, Bishop Hines’ notoriety as a singer/psalmist spiraled during his musical debut “Darrell Hines Live!”, which was nominated for a 2011 Stellar Award. Though preaching the Gospel catapulted Bishop Hines into Christian mainstream, it is his undying love of music that comforts him. "God has anointed me to share my gift of music with the world”, Bishop says. This in part was the inspiration for releasing Darrell Hines Live! which yields a phenomenal worship experience, and is a 'must have' for every music lover's library.

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When Lightning Strikes

The day that would change Darrell Hines' life

In 1981 Darrell lay dead after being struck by lightening while working for Republic Airlines in Milwaukee, WI. When he was revived 45 minutes later it was concluded by attending physicians that he would live the remainder of his life in a vegetative state...

...but God had another plan.  

Christian Faith Fellowship Church...

Christian Faith Fellowship Church (CFFC) was founded, and is pastored by Darrell and Pamela Hines. Located on Milwaukee's (WI) northwest side, CFFC was developed to meet the diverse needs of the people of greater metropolitan Milwaukee and surrounding areas. CFFC continues to expand from the 250 seat sanctuary they rented on Milwaukee’s south side more than 20 years ago to their own 2,000 seat sanctuary which scarcely holds the 6000+ members that fill it during the 8:00 am, 10:00 am and 12:00 pm services held every Sunday morn.

...A Place for People just like you!

Christian Faith Fellowship Church (CFFC) is home to a multipurpose facility that houses Darrell Lynn Hines College Preparatory Academy, an elementary school, and Destiny Youth Plaza, a renovated strip mall used for outreach to Milwaukee youth. It is also the home of Destiny High School, a school given to cultivating the talents of young people interested in pursuing careers in multi-media and the Arts. The campus also houses a credit union for church members and school faculty alike.

CFFC continues to give back to the community through a myriad of outreach efforts garnered by Bishop Hines. With a commitment to include a four point plan referred to as CORE: Community, Outreach, Resource and Education; the vision of CFFC is to proclaim the Word of God, uplift the family, and provide ministry to people just like you. Through Bishop Hines’ leadership, various churches throughout the country have received ministerial structure, and direction to assist them in achieving excellence in ministry. His communal and spiritual leadership also afforded him the privilege of rendering the invocation for an address given by President Barack Obama during a town hall meeting in Wisconsin (2010).

A Leader Among Men

Darrell Hines is a leader among men. As an Auxiliary Bishop within the Churches of God in Christ (COGIC) by the appointment of the late Bishop Gilbert L. Patterson, and under the current leadership of Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake, Bishop Hines’ office has given privilege to him. He ministers to numerous men through the leadership he demonstrates as chair of the (COGIC) Men’s Ministry. Tens of thousands of men welcome and embrace the Men Perfecting Men Conference annually, of which Bishop Hines is hosts and facilitator of the meeting in diverse cities around the country annually.

Every third Saturday of the month, the men of Christian Faith Fellowship Church are given the opportunity to be empowered by Bishop when he provides man to man insight on cultivating meaningful relations with their families, and strengthening their relationship and fellowship with Christ.